So have invested a lot of time into my career mode with this year's release of FIFA. I've been going through massive ebbs and flows with winning and losing against the AI, still unsure if it's my gameplan or if it actually has something to do with weekly momentum, but anyway, decided to leave my Everton career aside till later in the year when I get bored of this one, but started with Yeovil in League 2, with the aim to get them to the PL.

First season was a really slow start after getting bundled out of the pre-season tournament with relative ease, team was super old and had hardly any depth. Sent my scout away early to bring me back a young superstar, returned with a few chilean players, one in particular had a overall of 62 which was decent for a 17 year old and slotted straight into my squad at RW. Close to the end of the season I dropped some crucial games and ended up finishing 6th, needing to qualify the hard way through playoffs. Managed to pull it off and had a huge come from behind win against Morcambe after starting 2-0 down and got promoted to Lg 1.

Second season was a much better start and was sitting 2nd/3rd for the majority of the season. Signed a few good players including a striker from the Championship who bagged 11 goals in 9 games through the middle part of the season and a couple of good loanees from the PL clubs as good backup options, last 8 games of the season and I lost 6 of them, the same striker couldnt net a goal if you paid him and ended up dropping to 5th place. Went 2-0 up against Fleetwood in the playoff in the first 25 mins, but by half time it was 2-2 and I ended up losing 4-2 and almost putting my fist through the TV. Spent a massive off season researching players and tried to clear a lot of dead wood from the team. That young player I signed in the first season is now worth about $10m and rated 76, my best player.

Just started the second season and managed to pull off a win in the pre-season competition, winning the final against FC Midtjylland thanks to a missed penalty from Awer Mabil Start of the season though and I've lost my first 3 games 4-0, 2-0 and 2-1, cannot buy a fucking goal.